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Tussen april 2016 en april 2019 zijn er bijna 20.000 plug-ins gepubliceerd - een groot aandeel in het huidige totaal van 55.000. Als je inmiddels al hebt ondervonden dat je een plug-in nodig hebt en wat onderzoek hebt gedaan, is het nog maar de vraag of dit de juiste plug-in is. Daar gaan wij je bij helpen. 
De WordPress plug-in directory bevat bijna 55.000 plug-ins. Hoe kun jij daar in godsnaam de beste plug-in uit kiezen, die echt het doel dient dat jij wilt? Daar gaan wij je bij helpen. Vandaag zetten we een aantal manieren op een rijtje, waarop jij een plug-in kunt vinden. 

En goed nieuws: in onze volgende blog gaan we nog een stapje verder en geven we je verschillende afwegingsfactoren mee, zodat jij écht zeker weet dat deze plug-in het doel dient wat jij voor ogen hebt.

When you have your own website or want to make one, you can use some inspiration. Making a website can be very difficult. The website has to be technically sound, easy to navigate and personal. And these are just a few of the things it has to meet, because there are many more characteristics of a good website. If you need some inspiration, check out our media tips!
We love WordPress and code as little as possible ourselves, but sometimes it comes in handy. Or at least: it is handy to know what it is and what you can use it for. That way, you can see much quicker whether something is easy to set up via the theme or whether you need to create custom codes. That's why we give you a crash course in HTML and CSS as a programming language, without it being super complex or nerdy. Just the basics so you know how it works. And a big shout-out to our awesome VA Mirjam, who provided all the input for this! All right, let's dive right in.
Maybe you have heard of it: a plug-in. But maybe you think: 'a plug what? No problem, in either case we'll be happy to lend you a hand! You can see a plug-in as an extension of a program, so in case of a website it gives your website more possibilities. So when you are going to develop your website or have it developed, it is useful to think about all the plugins that exist. We will help you by sharing with you our 5 favourite plug-ins and tell you what you can do with them.
You enter your favourite shop and you immediately feel it. The lovely smells and pleasant colours give it away. You know it straight away. And what do you know? That you will not go home empty-handed. That good feeling is immediately created in the physical shop. But let us let you in on a little secret: you can do it online too. With a good website, you can also convince your potential customer not to go home empty-handed.
In this day and age, every business needs a website. Actually, I'm sure everyone knows this by now and most probably you already have a website for your business. But do you know why you need a website? Or do you just have one because you think you should? Are you making full use of your website? Are you using your website in the right way?
Your website is your baby and you want it to be as beautiful and unique as possible. Life is full of difficult choices and the world of website building is no exception. One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether to work with an existing WordPress theme or have one created from scratch.
As a self-employed person or freelancer, you will not usually be asked for your CV, but clients are often curious about your previous work. This is only logical: if you can prove that you have completed previous assignments to their satisfaction, chances are that a future client will also be happy with you. An online portfolio is then a very convenient way to show what you have to offer!